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At RAW we pride ourselves on producing as natural a product as possible..

Raw Gold Nuggets & Jewellery

RAW is a small family-owned Australian gold production company, and our nuggets are mined by our hand. Testing has found our nuggets to be of a varied high purity.

At RAW we pride ourselves on producing as natural a product as possible. We believe over-refining nuggets strips away their organic purity. As a result, you may find raw material in our nuggets, such as stones set in the gold as it was formed from the beginning of the earth.

All our nuggets are hand cleaned. Specimens with quartz content are soaked in a low-corrosive peroxide treatment, and all our products are put through a gentle tumble clean.

RAW products are for those who value beauty in its natural form.

RAW products are for those who desire something truly unique, as each nugget has its own perfect formation.

RAW products are for those who want to feel a connection with the earth.

Care for your RAW Gold Nugget Jewellery

Testing has found that RAW Gold Nugget Jewellery is of a varied high purity, and each piece is marked with the closest grade. The purity and high grading of this gold means the product is delicate. We DO NOT recommend our jewellery for everyday use. Aggressive treatment and inappropriate storage may affect this product.

To ensure long-lasting wear, treat as special occasion pieces and store separately to other jewellery.

Clean with mild gold jewellery cleaners.

“The packaging was wonderful. The outside of the package didn’t let anyone know what was in it, so I felt safe having it sit in my mailbox. It arrived quickly and was double packaged for protection. When I opened it up (securely sealed), it was nestled in bubble wrap, but then a beautiful burlap gift bag with the store’s name and a flower decoration with complimentary colors. The box inside the burlap gift bag was beautifully decorated as well with a tie. It was easy to open but again, nestled gently inside the box to keep it free from damage.” Cheri. USA

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