Raw Gold Nuggets & Jewellery
is an Australian gold production company.

We sell and ship to most parts of the world. Contact us for payment and freight options.

Raw Reviews

Wow. I just love my raw gold nugget pendant necklace! It’s my go-to necklace for dressing up everyday casual wear as well as a much-talked about piece of jewelry when worn with a little black dress. I get compliments each time I wear it. I love that each piece is unique and is raw from a gold mine is Australia. My daughters have Raw Gold pendants as well and we keep finding ourselves wearing them at the same times because we love them so much. I feel like I’m in the hip crowd. Lol. I was pleased with your shipping time, packaging, and customer service. I highly recommend your jewelry and company to anyone wanting a quality, unique piece of jewelry! Next stop – ordering raw gold nugget earrings and a few more necklaces! Rhonda. Jacksonville USA

I love my RAW gold nugget. It’s definitely a statement piece that elevates any look I wear it with. I’ve gotten so many compliments when wearing it, and I’m so glad to have found a piece so unique. Alexis. San Francisco

When RAW Gold Nuggets and Jewellery approached me about endorsing them, I was happy to agree. I’ve been working with the RAW family for years, and have been unfailingly impressed with their professionalism. As such, I’m pleased to recommend RAW Gold Nuggets and Jewellery. I was thrilled to receive my gold nugget pendant. It’s a beautiful piece of jewellery I’ll enjoy wearing. The gold is gorgeous, polished just enough to bring out the rich colour without taking away from the unique shape of the nugget. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece I will treasure. The pendant arrived in perfect condition, thanks to the plastic postal bag and the protective bubble wrap. Rain isn’t going to get a chance to damage this beauty. Inside, I found a custom RAW bag decorated with synthetic Kangaroo Paw, a native Australian flower (and that synthetic is important: New Zealand has laws against importing plants and flowers, and I would have hated for my beautiful pendant to fall foul of NZ Customs). The pendant itself is presented in a simple black box which shows off the natural gold to perfection. If you’re looking for a gift that’s uniquely Australian, or a piece of original jewellery that’s nothing like what you’ll find in stores, then check out RAW Gold Nuggets and Jewellery. You won’t be disappointed. Iola, New Zealand.

I am a high school student and wore my nugget necklace today for the first day of my senior year. My classmates gathered around me and talked about how “raw” my necklace is. Ha. It’s so fun. I’ve actually been wearing it all summer long and have had great conversations about it with people who’ve admired and inquired about it. It’s my favorite necklace and matches everything. So happy to have this quality piece and am asking for another piece for Christmas. ? I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with my Raw Gold Nugget! Thank you. Heather. Florida USA

I was so excited when I received my Raw pendent. It is such a unique piece, and it is perfect for special occasions or to add a touch of eclectic elegance to an outfit. The necklace came in nice, secure packaging. This is a very versatile piece and could be worn dressed up or dressed down. I also love that this is an Australian made product which adds to this being a unique necklace and a fun conversation piece to have as well. I would recommend buying this product. It’s unlike any gold necklace that I own and it’s different than any style I have seen in stores. Truly a well made, unique, and versatile piece to add to your closet. Gabriela, USA

The gold pendant I received for my mother’s birthday from Raw Gold is better than I could have imagined. The transaction was easy (and it was international!), the company is wonderful to work with and it’s a family-owned business and I do love giving back into the community. The packaging was wonderful. The outside of the package didn’t let anyone know what was in it, so I felt safe having it sit in my mailbox. It arrived quickly and was double packaged for protection. When I opened it up (securely sealed), it was nestled in bubble wrap, but then a beautiful burlap gift bag with the store’s name and a flower decoration with complimentary colors. The box inside the burlap gift bag was beautifully decorated as well with a tie. It was easy to open but again, nestled gently inside the box to keep it free from damage. The pendant itself is high quality, strong, yet dainty. I love the attention to detail, especially on the piece that connects the pendant to the chain. Will definitely be ordering again from this family-owned company as the shopping and delivery experience were wonderful … and the quality of the piece was excellent. Cheri. USA